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Alexey Adamov 1971 г. р the Deserved artist of Russia. The native of the city of Taganrog, the participant of exhibitions in Prague, Paris, Rostov-on-Don, annual personal exhibitions, personal exhibitions in Taganrog, an exhibition in the State palace of St. Petersburg, personal exhibitions in Toronto, Canada. And many other.

Nikolay Safronov: native of the city of Ulyanovsk. Is the academician of the Russian academy of Arts. Now is the professor of the Ulyanovsk university. The most significant exhibitions: an exhibition in the state art museum in Krasnodar, exhibitions in Voronezh, Ryazan, Orenburg, Saratov and many other cities of Russia. Its works are exposed in many galleries. Works of the artist are widespread in numerous museums and private collections of our country and beyond its limits.

Evgeny Aldonin: Native of the city of Alupka, Crimean area. The deserved master of sports on football. The basic halfback of a national team of Russia on football. Leader of football club CSKA Moscow. The numerous owner of a cup and champion medals of the championship of Russia on football as a part of the club.

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