At us you have possibility to spend pleasant cozy evening behind a glass of playful French champagne, scotch whisky or the Mexican tequila, we have honor you to invite in our cafe bar. Here in the range of our bar you also have possibility to take pleasure in taste of high-quality refined French, Spanish, Chilean
, Italian or Moldavian wine. The menu of our cafe bar contains light gentle meals, hot chocolate, ice-cream on any harmony. Enjoy a cup of fragrant real Brazilian coffee with the most tasty croissants or the most delicate sand batch!

The drawing room with its exclusive and comfortable interior is ideally suited for carrying out as business business of meetings, presentations and holidays and other actions. During time coffee snack of easy temper by order in advance made by you will be offered you or laying of dishes from our cafe bar on our discretion is offered.

The foyer of hotel is stylized under interiors of the 19th century and issued by original ancient accessories. All attributes of furniture and a decor are kindly provided by private antiquarian gallery of peterburzhsky owners.

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